• I was brought up on the belief that your first kiss should go to the man that you love and when I enter High School all my friends knew that I never been kissed.

    When word got out me, boys from everywhere tried to steal it from me. During those 3 years was tough and when I made to my senior year I was relieved that my High School years was almost over. That year we had a foreign exchange student from Norway and his name was Ragnar.

    He was the epitome of a handsome man. In the sun, you could see golden strikes shining throw his red dark hair and what I like the most about him were his eyes. Some girls in my grade were afraid of him, for his eyes. Some say it was scary others say it was unnatural, I thought they were beautiful. I really do not know how to describe them to you as the reader, but they a color of blue that was so light that they gorgeous! In wild life class, we were a signed as partners.

    That day I would glance over to him and I would blush like crazy, because we had, swimming together and I would see him every day and I thought his body was as if a carver had just finish done chiseling it. The next day was Saturday and I invited him over so we could get some work done. My family had a green house out in the back and we were both back there working on plants. While I was writing down info, he was moving plants around, I did not see him as I swirled around and we both whack into one another.

    The next thing I knew that I was on the floor as he was on top of me, the dirt from the pot had fell everywhere on the ground and us. I really did not care about it that moment cause he was looking into my eyes. It felt like a century to me, but we did not speak to one another and the next thing I knew he lock his lips with mine.

    I do not know how to describe what I felt and to all the girls out there your first kiss is something different from any other kiss! When he pulled away from me, I remember his breath moving down my ear to my neck and then he whisper to me.

    “You first kiss well always belong to me and you well belong to me and no one else.”