• Guy calling GF: Hey babe. i want you to meet me down at the main street tonight at 8 ok
    Girl: Ok baby. cant wait to see you then
    Guy: K ill see you then .Bye
    Girl: I love...
    Guy *hangs up*

    later that nite
    Girl:hey.what is it
    Guy:I want to give you this letter dont read it till you get home. im leavin on a flight tomorro mornin. i wont see you ever again ok. i dont think we should be together anymore
    girl: *tearing up* why are you leavin
    Guy: its just better this way. Im sorri
    Girl: *gives boy hug and runs home* crying

    the next mornin after hours of crying.she remembers that he gave her a letter
    she reads it
    it says: i hate you. ive always hated you: i hope you die . i never want to be with you again
    she starts crying very badly

    She turns on the tv: Flight 101 has crashed and burned.NO SURVIVORS
    that was his plane

    She runs to where they met last nite
    out of know where he is there
    she runs to his arms
    he says: i love you so much. if u read the letter all the bad words were suppose to mean love or anything like that.
    i wrote it that way becuz if ur dad got ahold of it somehow .bad things wuld happen
    i want to be with you forever im in love with you
    i didnt get on that flight becuz i wuld miss you to bad
    both crying : I LOVE YOU!!!
    stay with me forever baby heart

    THe end