• One day I was walking down the halls of Blue field High with my best friend, Zora. The only weird thing was, we were the only people there. "Were is every one?" Zora asked me.
    I shrugged and said, "Probably packed up and left us." in a sarcastic tone. We wandered into the office, which used to be full frantic secretaries and a laid back principal, but not this time. Every thing was so dead not even the glow from the small shade lamp that sat in the nurses office. Zora peeked past every corner, "No one..." she said sadly.
    "Maybe we should just leave." I said stuffing my hands into my over sized pockets.
    Zora nodded and we went out of the office, threw the cafeteria, and to the big main tented doors. Zora tried to push open the door on the left, "It wont budge." she said.
    "Move" I said shooing her away. I slammed my right hip into it a few times, "Maybe there is a open window around." i said as i walked into the girls bathroom. I could see a nervous Zora, brown pony tail bouncing, from the corner of my eye. I climbed up onto a sink and onto a small ledge, pushing at the window. "Be careful." Zora said nervously.
    "Its locked." I said as i leaped down from the ledge.
    "Do you think we could use the phones?" she asked.
    I shrugged and walked with Zora back to the office. Zora punched in the numbers, the school phones were so confusing to me, I never really got what was with all the extra numbers.
    "They wont work Emi...." Zora said to me.
    "That's just great." i said.
    I walked out of the office and to my locker and opened it. I dug through all the unorganized junk i had. Then i remembered, we had left our uncharged cell phones at my house the previous night. I thought about pulling the fire alarm but that was against the law, and i could not afford any more trouble. Zora came out of the office, "What are we going to do?" she asked.
    "Well im hungry." i told her as i walked back into the cafeteria. I went into the kitchen and opened a small freezer it was full of small fruit pops. I picked two of them up and walked out to Zora. I handed her a pop and sat down. "Its not too bad." i said.
    She looked at me, "We could have a little bit of fun with it." she said.
    "There is nothing fun to make out of it." i said.
    I heard foot steps coming from the hall. I looked a Zora, she was looking at me. I walked over to the hallway and saw my other best friend Lynn, "What are you doing here." i asked with a smile.
    "I dont know i just fell asleep in biology and when i woke up I was alone." she said whipping her eyes.
    Zora came up behind me and smiled she waved at Lynn, and she waved back.
    I noticed it was getting late and i was sleepy. The only thing i remember after that was laying down on a table and falling asleep. When i woke up students were surrounding us.
    "You missed the buses to the field trip." my art teacher explained with a smile.
    "Well im going home." i said as i walked out of the building.