• One year, as the senior prank, the whole senior class got it in their head to make a commentary on the overly bubbly nature of the school secretary and filled the entirety of the school lobby and offices with balloons...only, the bulk of them weren't filled with helium...so the ground was littered waist high with multi-colored balloons. A fine prank, seeing as no one was hurt and the headmaster had a ball busting all those balloons.
    As a side to that prank, they also decided to fill the library with (empty) water bottles...our librarian was a stickler for no drinks in the library (she didn't want the books to get wet and moldy), so coming in to the librarian cursing up a storm was rather amusing. She had to go to the offices to pop some balloons and blow off some steam. On a good note, all the bottles were recycled...and the seniors had to pick them all up.