On Cyclonia, the Dark Ace was walking down a dark corridor when he came upon a mango and an orange. Curious, he picked up the fruit and stared at it in wonder.

    "Eat us…"

    The Dark Ace looked at the fruit more carefully. Did the fruit just talk? He shrugged it off and continued down the corridor, still holding the mango and the orange…

    The Dark Ace walked into a dimly lit kitchen and opened the gray fridge that sat in one corner of the room. He placed the fruit on the top shelve.

    "Nooo…Don't leave us!" the fruit cried.

    "What the-" the Dark Ace said. "Am I going crazy?"

    "No…Why would you think that?"

    He closed the fridge and turned. "Oh hey Ravess…"

    "You think your crazy?" Ravess asked putting a hand on her hip.

    "Yeah…You see, I found a mango and an orange in a hallway…" He explained. "Then they started talking to me-"

    She interrupted him. "They…starting talking to you?"

    He nodded.

    "Well okay…I'll leave you and your insane a** alone…" She walking further down the hallway and she disappeared.

    "Rude," The Dark Ace muttered softly.

    "Dark Aceee…You know you want to eat us…" the fruit cooed.

    "No I don't!" He said sternly.

    "EAT US!" the fruit screamed.

    "Fine! I'll eat you…" he turned around and opened the fridge, then he picked up the mango and the orange then closed the fridge.

    "You'd better taste good!" The Dark Ace growled.

    "Oh we will…JUST EAT US!" the fruit screamed.

    "Okay…Okay…" then he started to eat the fruit, but when he finished…he blacked out…