• ]Prevoiusly on Vampire La Tranquila:

    "Come with me then..." He sighed. He then took my hand, I quickly buried my head into his side....

    As we walked down the street it seemed to all be abandon, not just that one house... "Mr.?" I hesitated. "Yes?" he softly answered looking down at me. I looked into his eyes, they were red, he was a vampire too. I gasped. "What?" he blinked. I swallowed, "What's your name?" He chuckled under his breath, "Sauku,"
    "Sau... ku? Suaku?" I tried to say his name.
    "Yes, it's Sauku. He nodded. What's yours?"
    "I'm Hazel, that's all I know..."
    There was silence for about 1 minute."Where are we going, Mr. Sauku?" I broke the silence.
    "Huh? Oh, my house." he answered back with a stunning smile.
    As we were walking we left the town... It got darker, Midnight. "We're here," He woke me from my half sleep.
    "Huh? Oh." I yawned.
    I looked up slowly. "Wow," I said under my breath."This is your house?!" It was a huge white mansion, Detailed perfectly in every shape and size. We were walking up to the huge building.
    "Well not Technically it's actually--"
    A man Came out scared, "SAUKU!!!!! WHERE WERE YOU, I WAS ABOUT TO -- Who's the girl?"
    Sauku introduced me, "Mr. Head master, Sir, this is Hazel."
    Oh, this was a school...
    "OH!!! YAY!!!! WELCOME TO RED ROSE UNIVERSITY or known as HOME OF VAMPIRES -- WAIT????" He then seemed angry, "She knows?"
    "Yes, Hazel does know..." Sauku was way more calm than the head master.
    "Uh," My voice cracked...

    To Be Probably Continued...