• Chapter 2:

    I kept holding on to Matt while his wolf kept running dodging cars, and as we arrived, I looked at Matt and I have a weird feeling in my heart. I got off the wolf and walk to his house with Matt following me. I turned around and Matt fell to the ground, “MATT!” I yelled as I knelled down and held him. Torrey and Wayne ran towards me and asked, “What happened to him?”
    “I don’t know he was fine the whole ways here!” I yelled. Matt’s dad checked and saw blood. “Something hurt him” he said.
    “Well what hurt him?”
    “I don’t know.” He said as he stood up.
    “You know, that’s a stupid question.” Torrey said. I twitched a little, breathing quietly, but imaging me beating him to a pulp. Torrey and Wayne picked him up and went to a room. I stood up following them but stop for a second trying to calm down, trying not to remember the last fight. It’s been hard for me since that day. I entered the room and saw Wayne took off Matt’s shirt and I saw his many scars. I couldn’t believe it, this guy has this many scars but couldn’t win one battle yet he still beat me. “Has he ever won a fight in his life?” I asked Wayne. He kept looking at Matt.
    “If he’s fighting for himself, he won’t fight back, but if he fights for someone then he gives it his all.” Torrey explained. I nodded and looked at Matt and leaned on the wall. I was watching Torrey and Wayne working on Matt, and saw the pain through Matt’s eyes, those blue eyes that remind me of Grandpa. I don’t know what to do but hold myself and just wanna cry my eyes out. I hear a knock on the door and Torrey went to go get it.
    “Michelle, keep pressure on the wound,” Wayne told me, I nodded and put my hands on the wound keeping pressure. Then we hear a huge crash from upstairs, I want to avoid eye contact because if I see those wonderful blue eyes I might get too close. “Make sure he stays here.” I nodded and he ran upstairs. I looked at Matt and blush, my heart is beating fast like there’s something about him that I like. It’s like something I can’t explain like, ahh! What am I thinking!?!?! It’s so hard to not look away! I heard another crash and Matt sat up and slowly walked, I step in front of him looking at him. “Your father wants you to stay here.” I ordered him. “Do I really look like I listen to my father when his life is in danger?” He pushed me a little, but something in my gut I won’t let him get passes that easy, his hand is on my curse mark, it slightly glowed a bit and my hand glow blue and I pushed and pinned him to the wall, I barely have any power, but I’m just hoping that its enough for his dad and brother to come back. He looked at me, and I slowly walk towards him. “My powers are very different, they need to recharge, but I can do whatever you can when they are charged,” I stop and I was looking at him, and smiled, “You also make me really interested but not like other guys there power interests me and your different then them they never died around me, you have almost died three times.” I told him and he grins. “Ah. So I’m the lucky one huh? The number one contestant?” I laugh a little and smiled. “So now what? You’re going to drain my powers making me defenseless?” He asked. I tilted my head and looked up getting a good idea. “Now that’s an idea to use an enchantment to multiply my powers…I like that idea let’s give it a try!” I said, I couldn’t help this feeling but, I wanna kiss him. I almost kissed him, but Wayne walked down the stairs. “I said hold him down here, not abuse him,” I was a little embarrassed, when he laughed. “Anyway come on upstairs.” I released him and he put on his shirt, and we walked upstairs. I looked away, trying to forget what happened but something inside me wants to kiss him right then and there. I saw Torrey and a blonde sparing. “Oh that was the commotion!” Matt said he smiled. I looked outside and see mom’s demon waving at me. ‘s**t! What does mom want?!’ I looked at everyone and used part of my power to communicate with the little demon. My right eye was a light hazel green, and looked at the demon.
    “What is it?”
    “Your mom wants you home.”
    “What? Why!?”
    “It’s her orders.”
    “Can I just call instead you coming over to wear I am? It would be a lot easier for you to not get caught.”
    “Ok! I’ll go.”
    “Thank you!” I blinked and looked at Wayne and Matt, “Ok Matt, Michelle on the mat time to test her.” I tilted my head. Why me? Why now? “Why me? Why not Torrey? I mean he is tired, she is a match for him now.” That what Matt said wants me to kick his a**. “What afraid she is going to beat you or have you finally just given up fighting?” Wayne said.
    “Come on I’ll take it easy on you wimpy,” I stood on the Matt taunting him, with my arms crossed, and with my training outfit on. “You’re going to have to try harder than that beautiful,” he said.
    “Oh really? d**k less, I bet you won’t get on the mat, that’s how afraid you are of me.” I smiled and he laughed. “What are the rules Dad?” he asked.
    “Anything goes.” Wayne says, as Matt stepped on the mat. “What is your limit?” Wayne asked me. I didn’t want to go overboard like the first time so I thought for a second. I summoned my demon and double team him. The demon looks at me and I nod for it to attack. The demon runs towards him and I was right behind it. Matt back flips and kicks the demon up to the ceiling, and it disappeared. I ran towards Matt and punched him in the face, I lift my knee to hit his gut he grabs my leg and I blush. The only quick reaction is to hit his chest. ‘That was smart….not!” I thought. I look at him and heard “Stop flirting with her Matt!” Matt’s dad yelled. Torrey and Jake, both say, “Oh Matt has a crush!” I wanted to hurt those two idiots, Matt released my leg, I back flipped and kicked Matt’s chest and he falls into the wall. I landed and walk towards him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Matt told me.
    “Why? Afraid of death?” he grins, “Are you tempting me?” he asks.
    “Depends how willing are you to die.” I smiled. He mouthed some words I couldn’t read, and he kissed me. My eyes widen and for a few seconds I kiss him back. Somewhere deep inside me I feel a sudden loving feeling from him, I still have him pinned him down. I loosen my grip on him and wrap my arms around him and his arms around me. My feelings grew stronger for him. We stop kissing and I looked into his eyes. His wonderful blue eyes, I blinked one maybe two times just staring. I felt something on the ground that’s coming towards us and a beast Slams in the gates and throws us, I was out. But I felt hands move me and I was placed on the ground.
    Next thing all I was do when I was out is see a demon inside me. With the curse seal on its chest, I looked a little closer and it was me. I stood back looking around and there was no exit.
    “We finally meet Michelle.”
    “H-How did you know my name?” I asked and knew it was a stupid question.
    “Because I am you!” She said her arms crossed. I knew she looked like me but her skin was a little darker, her hair was black, her eyes were red, and she had an evil grin. She was wearing a black and red vest that was showing cleavage with the curse mark symbol on her chest like mine. A mini skirt, fishnet tights and red boots, and tattoos that was similar to mine but the color was white. I looked at her as she was walking towards me.
    “You got a lot of nerve to see me.” She said.
    “Why are you inside me? Why am I here?!”
    “I called you to come here, but I said ******** it bring in an ugly beast and knock you out.”
    “Why thanks, make Matt pissed off,” I sighed as she laughed. I looked at her, “What do you want from me?”
    She looked at me and lifted one finger and waved it. “To give you power, you’ve been a burden from your own power, since 11 years ago” She reached out her hand, “Join me and I’ll give you my power,” I didn’t know what to do, someone offering me an evil power sounds kind of fishy to me. “Come on Michelle, your powers will be 1,000X better; you’ll even start to fight better and even take out those guys that picked on you.” She explained. I looked at her and reached my hand and as our finger tips touch a source of power went through my body, but I jumped back and she disappeared. The next thing I know is that I opened my eyes and saw Matt in a rage mood, almost something inside him woke up. I stood up and walk to him, but Torrey and Jake stop me and I looked at him, “If you want to see him, you might wanna wait. He isn’t him right now this is the darker side of the guy you kissed,” Torrey says to me, I didn’t care; I wanted to see him so I can calm him down. “Take me to him, please.” I said politely. “No.” Torrey replies.
    “Not till he calms down.” Jake explained. I looked at Matt, and then those two.
    “Why? What is so bad about him right now?” I asked as I looked at Torrey.
    “This is the Family’s curse. The blood lust it amps up the power making it a hundred times stronger then even me.” Torrey explained. I looked at Matt then at Jake, “Plus it makes you want death and chaos if he doesn’t control it, he will be gone to us completely consumed in his anger and rage.” Jake told me. I looked at Matt, and he was looking at me.
    “How much restraint does he have?” I asked while crossing my arms asking Torrey and Jake.
    “Have you noticed you haven’t pissed him off yet!? That’s his restraint no one can get to him, he locks everyone out to a point.” Torrey explained. I didn’t really give a damn about what Torrey says, all I know my heart is telling me to save him, and with that touch of that demon my powers are strong.
    “How you doing Matt?” Wayne asked.
    “It’s a losing battle; I have nothing left to hold back with the body. It’s tearing itself apart with all my restraint.” Matt replied.
    “You need to explode,” Wayne says, “Transfer you power into Torrey, Jake, me and Michelle, it will tire you out quicker and then count to fifty. Can you do all of that?”
    “If I can’t I will push longer to give you time.” Matt says. I look at Matt and I was ready for his power. “We all are about to get a major boost in our power, and energy maybe anger, so get ready, to hit Matt with all of it!” Wayne yells. I was ready and I felt Matt’s power flow into me, controlling the anger, rage and destructive force. I felt so much pain in my body it felt like the pain I had when I was a kid knowing my grandfather died. “Use that power against him, don’t control it!” Wayne yells at us, and I saw Jake and Matt lock eyes, the only way to hit him is from above I jump up and kick his face to end Matt’s and Jake’s locking eyes thing. Matt grabs my foot and stops me. Jake kick him, and I flipped and landed, my left hand turned blue and I nailed Matt into a wall. I breathed heavily but still kept my stance.
    “How long can you hold him?” Wayne asked.
    “As long as it’s his power flowing through my body,” I looked at Wayne, “A while.” I said and I looked at Matt. Matt started to grin but I didn’t lock eyes at him. I blocked every sound and heard only a heartbeat, it was Matt’s. I look at Wayne, “The power is at the limit for his body,” I smiled and looked at Matt moving him down to ground level. “You are one tough b*****d,” I said to Matt as he looked at me. “Now let me down so I can walk.” Matt says. “Ok...What does this mean?” I asked.
    “It’s done for now.” Wayne replies.
    “You mean the battle is over?”I asked just to make sure.
    “Yes it’s over, now we can rest.” He said. I let go of Matt and looked at Wayne picked up Matt and put him over his should and followed Wayne. We went to the basement, Torrey has Jake over his shoulder, Wayne has Matt over his shoulder, and I was healing myself. Matt and Jake were placed on the table. I looked at Matt and that moron was trying to get up. I ran towards him and hugged him from behind. “Are you trying to hurt yourself even worse you stupid moron!?!” I yelled at him.
    “You weren’t complaining during our battle.” Matt says, and in an instant I flex some muscle on his back, he whimpers a bit. “That’s why you don’t move in your condition genius!” I said. He tries to get off the bed, and I flipped over and sat on him my legs straddled on his waist pinning him. “You’re staying right here until you’re fixed up.” I looked at him. “Really? What makes you think I will just stay here for you huh?” He asked. I blushed a bit, and I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. “You will stay right here, because I’m not moving from here.” I said, he smiled, “You will have to leave eventually or at least stretch and that’s when I will get out of here.” I smiled and a rush of this loving feeling flowed through my body. Torrey, their grandmother, walked came through the stairs with someone else. I got off of Matt and stand back and his grandmother is talking to Matt. I placed my hand on my heart; it was beating fast every time I have a thought of Matt and his eyes. Could I? Could I be in love with Matt? I turned and looked at Matt. The strange feeling went through my body. It could be, I am. I love him.