• Where am I? I left home with my wife, and we walked for miles until we stopped here, right? Why did we stop? I opened my eyes to see three masked men hovering over me. They were talking to each other, but I couldn't tell what they were saying.
    I coughed and the men looked down at me. They were doctors. Excited sounds came from behind their masks. I sat up and rubbed my aching head.
    It was then that I remembered my wife. I tried to ask where she was, but the words weren't forming. I looked frantically to my left and right trying to spot her. She was laying in a bed across the room from me.
    Relief swept its way over me as I jumped to my feet. I started to run to my wife, but the doctors stopped me. They told me that she was sick. I would not be able to see her for a few days. Sorrow replaced my relief.
    I met a few of the other survivors that were staying in the hospital. Most of them had come alone, but there were a few couples in the mix. I'm being forced to stay here with them. I don't think that staying put would be a good idea, but I have no say in the matter. Sylvia is too sick to travel.

    I don't know how long we've been in this hospital, but today is the day we leave. Sylvia is well, and we now have supplies packed to last us a few days. Our goodbyes were short and stoic.
    The sea has grown deeper. The blood is now up to my knees. Sylvia can barely move her legs through it. I keep slogging through the red, stopping every few steps to allow my wife to catch up. Eventually, I pick her up and begin carrying her. Progress is faster, but more demanding on my body.
    A group of Tainted attacked us today. I barely had enough time to assemble the Others' gun and fire before the fastest one jumped at me. Its shattered skull now floated in pieces in the blood. The second went for my wife.
    Rage swelled in me with each step the monster took. I fired not once, but three times. Two in the torso, and one to the head. Blood soaked both of us as the remaining three Tainted rushed at us. They were dispatched easily enough.
    I noticed a small cut on my face. Blood seeped out of it and seemed to run both ways vertically. I realized that some of the blood from the Tainted had mixed with mine. I gave the gun to Sylvia and told her to be ready to fire if I started acting like one of them.
    Solid resolve shone in my wife's dull eyes. I almost saw color in them. Almost.

    Sickness has overtaken Sylvia again. We are returning to the hospital. I don't know where else to go. I fear that she may be dying. The doctors had advised me not to leave. I didn't listen.
    I am carrying her through the red seas. I am tired, but I know that I cannot stop. I held the gun in my right hand, prepared to shoot at anything that got in my way. I have left six Tainted and two Others dead in my wake. I will do anything to save her.
    Sylvia. . .