• They always seemed to get me in trouble. Some fell in love with them and tried to buy me for them but others wanted them melted to nothing. And then there were the ones who were jealous of them and just wanted to use me. It’s not up to them though. Maybe it is up to me, finally.


    The feel of the mattress beneath me was awkward, especially with Elaxion hovering above me. We had gotten to the room he was giving me and he had pushed me on the bed. He hadn’t done anything and I was shaking so bad that I was sure he though I’d slip away even if he did do anything.

    “Don’t test me, baby. I could give in to my wants in a split second but if Alexion found out too soon, I’d be in a lot of trouble.” Elaxion ran his hand over the curve of my side and stopped on my hip.

    He placed his lips over mine and then he was gone. I gasped, sitting up quickly, but he was already gone. I closed my eyes, wondering what he meant when he said that he could give into his wants but Alexion would be angry. Thinking about it gave me a headache.

    A few minutes later, the butler came in. He was dressed in a burgundy suit and his bronze hair was layered in an attractive way. He was holding a tray full of food and a note that was on the top of the silver tray.

    “The note is from the Master Elaxion, ma’am.” The butler placed the tray down and bowed to her. “Do not fear the Master. He has a temper when he is holding himself from what he really wants but he means well other wise. That is until she comes around.” He said she as if I was supposed to know who he was talking about.

    “Sir, I don’t know who she is.” I whispered.

    “If you are prone to sneaking then I’m sure you’ll find out about her. However, make sure you are not caught and if you are, don’t mention me.” Rin glared at me, obviously thinking that I would tell on him.

    He left without letting me get another word in so I made myself busy with picking at the food on the tray. All that was on the tray was an assortment of fruits that were fresh. I actually wondered if Elaxion had the feeling I ate like a rabbit.

    When I was finished with the fruit, I picked up the note. It was a thick, cream piece of paper that was folded right down the middle. The handwriting was neat and very formal. It read:

    My dear Xerux,

    Your stay here can have one of two outcomes: you can live here happily without fear of trouble, or you can ruin your chances of being here. Just because my brother loves you does not mean I won’t use my force on you.

    I can say right now that there are high chances that I can come to care about you; even more than my brother does. I just hope that you mind your business when you don’t need to be in the affairs of another.

    Now, my darling, make yourself comfortable and ask Rin for anything you need. I will bring your clothing to you tomorrow morning. Until then, please sleep in the nightgown that is in the bathroom. (If you haven’t found it yet, it is on the far end of your room.)

    Good night and sweet dreams,

    I stared at the paper for a few moments before looking around for the door to the bathroom. I felt overwhelmed by all the kindness I was receiving. Alexion, even though he loved me, made me do work around the house but Elaxion just wanted me to rest and relax.

    I didn’t know whether to keep my guard up and expect things to change or if I should revel in the sensation of true freedom. I frowned, hating the conflict inside my head. It was like a war that nobody wanted to happen but they knew it was going to.

    I decided that for the moment at hand I would drop my walls. I got off of the bed and walked into the luxurious bathroom. It was much more glorious than Alexion’s bathrooms had ever been, but then again it seemed that Elaxion had a better reputation than Alexion.

    The gown that was mentioned in the note was a light green, silky one. It was about knee-length on me and made my heart jump. It reminded me of when Alexion used to bring me a new gown every night. My heart sank; I already missed home.