• Vampire's pet.
    Haruka Kaseki or Black Rose (Human)
    Haruka is a sixteen year old assasin. She takes orders from the head council of human socity. Her jobs are usually to kill various vampires. Her family claimed neutral in the human and vampire wars. Black rose on the other hand has not. Haruka herself is a very quiet girl. She goes to a boarding school in Nagano Japan. Her Main talent is singing. She enjoys cooking and reading. But her drawing rivlals her singing skills. Many people call her a rose due to her beuty. And a tiger because the way she can fight. Se fights like her older sister Kisa Mitsune. She gained the nickname White tiger during her first year of middle school after she beat two hundred people in two weeks. Musicl prodigy.

    Kisa Mitsune or lady fox (Half demon and Half sister to Haruka.)
    Kisa is a girl who has fought in a previous war against a corrupt goverment in a land far away. They won after two years of fighting. She returned home to find vampires and Humans fighting. Their father announced there neutralilty soon after her return. She was ordered to find a safe place for Haruka. So she chose a boarding school far from Okinowa. Kisa is currently a senoir at a public school On the east side of Okinowa. Lady fox is a title she got during the seventh great rebellion. She's known for her fighting and her tacticl greats.

    Kain Freewall Pureblood. Title. Lord (Vampire)
    A high ranked Vampire who has a bounty on his head by the human council. Not much about him is known.

    Isabella Freewall Pureblood. Title. Mistress. (Vampire)
    Isabella is the younger sister of Kain. She also has a large bounty. More is known such as. She rareley attacks humans and enjoys reading and music. She took intrest in Haruka When Haruka turned thriteen when she sang for a talent company an got a job there. Since then she has kept close tabs on her.

    Haruka sits in her english class reading a passage from Romeo and Juliet. The four most popular girls in the school. Haruka, Rei, Mei and sai. But Haruka is also one of the most intelligent. She sits down and litsens to the teacher quietly untill the bell rings for lunch. She goes down with her three freinds talking only when talked to. Haruka gets her lunch which is a bowl of school Ramen. She paied for it easily and went and sat down where the popular kids sat. A few of the guys start making fun of her. Rei laughs knowing what Haruka will do. Haruka mumbles something and water appears above him and drops on him. The three girls laugh and Haruka continues eating. She may be popular but is made fun of for being smart. She had to be smart to master magic to what extent she already did. The boy growls and sits down no longer picking on Haruka. She obviously wasn't in the mood for his pranks. Her class after lunch was chemistry then Gym. The rest of the day after that she was free. Rei looks at her. "Want to go to a coffee shop after school?"
    Haruka shakes her head no and puts more noodles in her mouth. "I have to be at the production studio after school."
    Haruka thought about what they were doing in gym. Tennis her favorite sport. She takes white ribbon from her bag and ties her hair back quickly. "Maybe tommarow." Rei nods and the bell rings. Haruka dashes out and Rei puts Haruka's bowl to the wash. Haruka runs into chemistry and sits down. Her lab partner was as smart as her and both worked hard. His name is Satoshi Mihara. Her childhood friend. He looks like a young man. Sandy brown hair and green eyes. They say hi to each other and the teacher calls class to order. They are to put onoin root in order of mitosis. Haruka and Satoshi are first to finish. They talk to each other quietly. "So Satoshi can you come with me to the studio today?"
    He shakes his head no. "My brother is having me clan the house with him today."
    She sighs and looks at him. "Kaizo again. He's pissing me off. I want my friend."
    "Tell that to him." Haruka winces at the thought remebering the last time she spoke out of term with him.
    "Yea ah thanks. I'd love to be tied upsidedown by my ankles for another fourty eight hours again." Satoshi laughs and scratches his head. The bell rings and Haruka waves goodbye heading to gym. She would leave ten minuet early. She changes into her tennis uniform and walks out. When tennis sesaon came aroud she would play again. She played against another tennis player and the ball goes back and forth. A half hour later Haruka had won and changes back into her uniform after taking a quick shower. She runs off the school grounds pulling her jacket around her. She runs into town and into the studio. They greet her and she smilies heading up to the seventh floor. She was recourding for a new cd and seemed calm as usual putting emotion into her singing. Haruka heads back to her dorm afterwards.

    ----------------->To be continued)