• Chapter 2

    We had gotten closer in the past three months. I was so happy because i had started getting kissed after dates and just whenever it felt right. I thought everything was there except for one thing. It was always missing but i never knew what it was. But i was happy where i was with Christine. My only problem was that I had drifted away from by best friend. I had broke the one promise that we had. I always thought he would understand it a little bit. I mean you would think that he had been with a girl and would know this feeling. I thought of all of this while i started dialing his number in the morning."Hey Lep, Have yoy got a minute to talk? Oh, okay Maybe later then, Later," Why was he so angry at me. i know he has nothing to do this early in the morning. He would not have answered the phone, if it wasnt for being beside his bed. Anyways I have to get ready and go pick up Christine.

    ''So what do you want to do today? Im open for suggestions" I said as i got out of my Jeep in Christine's driveway. "I dont know, its so could that i dont want to much of anything." she said with her arms crossed as she stood in front of me, outside."well lets go in for a second until we find something to do. We could just watch a movie here?, besides its going to start sleeting in an hour or two,'' I said as we went in for a minute. I looked for a movie while she took the top blanket off of her bed, and then we layed on the couch. She used one of my arms as a pilow while the other one wrapped under her arm and up to her other hand. And then there was the blanket on top of us. Everything felt perfect, i didnt pay much attention to the movie. Just laying there with her felt perfect enough. To me the movie was just an excuse. We had done this before and it was never the same feeling twice. I was addicted to this. I knew it wouldnt lead to anything and i was fine with that."Hey Chris, do you love me?"she whispered."Yes of course, more than anything, why do you ask?" i said as i was wondering where this was going." Well i just dont know if its there, but i didnt want to hurt you, I just...I want a little time to think about some things."she said in a very sweet but sad voice."Ok, can we finish watching the movie first?" i said as i started to hold her closer to me. I was losing her and there was nothing i could do. did i mess something up? i dont know anything other than this really hurt and i was angry at myself. I couldnt enjoy the rest of the movie. It just didnt seem right that the couple in the movie had a happy ending in the movie, but i couldnt have mine."Do you want me to go now? I understand what you mean and i will give you some space." I lied as i said this."You dont have to just yet, i just think that we should step back for a minute, but im not going to make you leave," she said in a very low mood." Well, I need to go anyways, I have a lot of things i have to do at home." I said as i left her house into the now sleeting outside. I knew that i should have waited until the sleet quit but i wanted to get home, to get back into my room where nothing ever went wrong. I wanted to go there and hide for the rest of my life. So angry and hurt i started to drive down the road. Great,unbusy contry roads and i am on the one of the worst roads that was covered in ice. "Go away Go, Try and take the best of me, Go away Go" my phone started ringing. Oh that scared me for a second, wait it was Christine calling. I will call her when i get back. Oh No!! I felt my car going off the road. I was an idiot i spent all this time looking down and i complletely forgot to watch the road. I looked up just in time to see my cars back end sliding left and right profusely. and then i looked to my left to see the big oak tree that would stop me. COO CONTRA COO