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    • Blood of Old-Maiden Tears by tinaateurface
    • This is a narrative I wrote for geometry in 9th grade. The task was to use a list of "math terms" in a story, so if some words seem odd or unfitting this is probably why. I'd like feedback about everything from my writing sty...
    • Erik 3 by StormCloud914
    • I thought this was the best part of the story... Well, not really cuz I ain't finished yet. Be sure to read parts uno and... two b4 comment that u don't get da story. Couldn't finish...
    • Rayning Fire-chapter 1 by Unfound Dreams
    • Rayn Lontzo must flee from her almost perfect life in Manhatton to go to smalltown Penten, Arizona to escape her past of being accused of crimes. but moving may have brought more for Rayn then she had bargained for....... C...
    • Avast! Masquerade < Book 1 > by Haeil
    • Avast ye fair maidens and unkempt hot shipmates! A yarn of the seven seas is about ter be spun! It shall be bold, darin', and dare ye say it, SWASHBUCKLING! This tale won't have ter walk the plank with its spine-tinglin' ships,...
    • District Undergreen by itHappened2my---
    • This is something I've been working on for months, but it's very...abstract and I don't know if I should actually keep writing it. It's like, futuristic sci-fi, with a bit of humor, and some romance. Imagine post-apocalyptic ...
    • (Title is to be determined) by - -Miss Rayana- -
    • I missed a lot of school a few weeks ago, and I was in and out of the doctors office trying to figure out what was wrong with me. We still don't know. But that's not the point. The point is that I missed so many writing assignm...
    • robin hood by Ushama
    • kay, this is adding on some charecters to BBC's robin hood--ues it is radom and even if you dont know who everybody is, i jus wanna know if it flows. comment please! i want to know what worked and what just sounded weird... th...
    • How Could You!!! by Greyverse
    • A little bit of epicness (i guess > >). I have NO IDEA what on earth caused me to write something like this but it seemed...i dunno...interesting < <
    • The Generation: Warrior Maid by Rainy Days With Tea
    • This is an ongoing series of the Infamous Warrior Maid, Aife Tekana, one of the Generation, living in a world torn up between warring clans and corrupt officials. I consider myself a professional writer, although i am amateur, ...
    • Ichi Kokoro: Prolouge by StealYourPandaa
    • Ichi Kokoro=One Heart: Aika Nakumi is a 13 yr. old girl who was born with a special gift. To bring anything she desires back to life, and to destroy anything she hates. When people find out about this power, they try to cut ou...
    • The Void Chronicles by Void Lord
    • Chapter 7 in my book. There's a few spelling error's nothin major hope you enjoy! Copyright (ME) It's long read it all and tell me what you guys think :).
    • home sweet home by cambriax
    • i'll give you a cookie if someone can tell me were this short reflection or some s**t came from! and hurry before i eat all of them! it is real easy there is like a big clue i put in here that like gives it away and what not! *...
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