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  • Artist Info: ok so here i go! (those of you who know me feel free to say i should add something if i forget something kay? kay.)<br />
    <br />
    My name is Lydia lauralee (blank for last name.)<br />
    <br />
    im not gonna tell you my age. either you will think i am older than i am or you'll get my younger side. most of you will see both.i am very wise when i need to be <br />
    <br />
    I LOVE..... i just do. get over it. let me love because i am going to love whether you want me to or not.<br />
    <br />
    now about my personality<br />
    <br />
    I LOVE FACE PAINTING. to me its a way to turn myself into something more beautiful. a fairy. or a star. or anything really. i feel good when i do it. people stop and look. people start to think. some people hate it but some people will go home and be different be stronger some how. it all depends on the person. i like open minded people like myself. people willing to accept people no matter what. <br />
    I AM AN ARTIST. i love art. i love to draw. i can't really paint worth poop. but i did one really cool water color once apon a time. lol.<br />
    I AM A WRITER. i love to write. i am writing a couple different books, two of which are not being written on so much but i'll get around to it. my main piece of work lately is my hippy book. its cool. if you want to read parts of it while i write it go to my journal.<br />
    I AM VERY LAYED BACK. i like to breathe. just relax and breathe. sit under a tree and watch the world. everyone should do it but sadly hardly anyone does. if i could teach the world one thing it would be meditation.<br />
    RELIGION. the most important thing about me is my beliefs. i have so many. dragons exist. faries exist. wolve people exist. chimeras exist... etc.etc. im not naming alot.and i say forgive me to all the ones i didn't mention in my frantic typing.. i am not a christian but i do believe stuff from that religion. i am open to listen to anyones religion. but do not hammer me about it. do not try to prove me wrong. i get angry. i leave your beliefs alone and you will leave mine alone. got it. (not to sound to hostile just then sorry) i also love to read. you may figure out how to tell when im quoting a book or something.<br />
    theres more but i can't think of a lot. sooooo... any questions or you just run into this profile and feel like getting to know me. feel free. i love people.
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