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    Just here for a good time to play as much as my real life allows. And yes, I am a real person behind this avatar. Remember that please. Gaia is just an extension of who I am real life. I don't come here to pretend I am someone I am not. <br />
    I'm not into head games, drama, or bullshit. I've had my fair share after being on this site for 9 years. If that is your thing, just move along please. I want nothing to do with that.<br />
    But, if you do want to give me grief on a game, be prepared for a very strong minded person with morals, values, and ethics, who will stand up for what she believes in. We are all real people, with real feelings, behind these computer screens. We are all equals on here. If you want to be popular, thinking you are better than everyone else on a game, that's like asking to sit at the "special table" at a mental institute, are my thoughts. Get over yourself. Learn how to play, laugh, and have fun. That is what Gaia is for. It's a game to kick back and relax on. <br />
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    Laughter is good for the soul. Try it. You just may like it. Learn to laugh at yourself, as well as with others. It makes the world look just a little brighter. What you throw out into the world comes back to you tenfold. Try to make it positive. <br />
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