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    Hey guys my name is Patricia. <br />
    Most people just call me Tricia or Trishhie<br />
    I blow out my candles on July 8th.<br />
    I'm a girl id you haven't notice.&gt;.&gt;<br />
    Tricia is singlee.<br />
    I tented to talk in third person some times.<br />
    Tricia Hate people who judge without getting to know her.<br />
    I dislike labels u can ccall me whatever im just me.<br />
    I have Blonde hair and Blue eyesXD<br />
    I am a very weird and random and hyper person.<br />
    My favorite thing to do in sing. I don't think i sing very bad but thhats for you to judge.<br />
    I do have a aim/oovoo just ask if you want them.<br />
    IF you have anything else u want to know don't be afaird to message me or chat with me i don't bite much razz <br />
    <br />
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