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    Brief Summary of Me
    My name is Jennifer, or Jen for short. I have been on gaia since 2007. Currently I am in my 2nd year of college, studying to become a veterinary technician. Also, I am working part-time so I don't get to relax too often. <br />
    You can also Click here &gt;&gt;&gt;Find me on Youtube! &lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    <br />
    Things I like:
    -draw (anime)<br />
    -write poetry<br />
    -bowling (high score = 202)<br />
    -video games (xbox360, gameboy advance)<br />
    -ice skating <br />
    -camping <br />
    -my cpu (starcraft, gaia, facebook)<br />
    -read (Halo Series and nothing else!)<br />
    -music (anything but rap, fav band = Red, fav song = Pieces)<br />
    -anime (pokemon, school rumble, peach girl, moonphase, avatar last airbender)<br />
    -making AMVs<br />
    -Photoshop<br />
    <br />
    *Important Note*<br />
    I do not accept random friend requests. I like to talk to the people first and get to know them before accepting. Please leave nice comments. I will accept any generous offers and/or gifts.<br />
    Well that's if for me! If you like to know more about me, then send me a msg. Hope you all enjoy my profile & profile music. Leave a comment or message me.<br />
    heart Thanks for Dropping By! heart
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