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  • Artist Info: Hello, My name is Arisu but I go by any nickname you come up with : P<br />
    some things I like are rugby, anime, manga, drawing, writing, swimming, Interwebs and food : 3<br />
    I'm pretty lazy but I'm in shape for how much I sit on the computer : P and I suppose I have to be fit to play rugby XP<br />
    I love to role-play but I don't know if I'm any good or not so I don't really like to role-play with others to often unless I'm hit with sudden inspiration : D<br />
    I love drawing realistically and would love to have opinions on it I just haven't created a deviant art account yet but when I do it totally will be put up here : )<br />
    I haven't played for a while but now that I got Alana to join I've been coming on a lot more. Alana is like family to me so mess with her you mess with me >c but we coo ; D She mah brah >D<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Hurhurhur thought I was done? naahhh lol. Anyway I'm pretty much cool with anyone talking to me just don't ask for money or for me to be your girlfriend because I'm awkward enough as it is and I don't need to deal with that .-. The fact that I had to put that on here should say enough... e_e
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