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  • Artist Info: Im blue or drea take your pic. Im am Bilingual (that means i speak english and spanish)I like to drink tea, arizona specially the strawberry and kiwi one or the Mango<br />
    one but mostly water or Sunny D.I like to ear yellow cheese. I love nachos and fried rice. Chinesse food is my favorite kind of <br />
    food. Love to smile smile . I dont let stupid comments affect me. Im an outgoing person. I dont smoke nor drink ... i think they are nasty habits. Im a person of peace. I dont like sharks.<br />
    I love animals. Im a really easy person to talk to. I daydream alot. Im a very very curious person. I dont like mosquito bites or flies. I can be a nerd <br />
    sometimes. I dont like ackward silence. I dont like needles or any other place where they have pointy things.<br />
    Crowded places make me feel unconfortable.I love any kind of music. I always wanted to play the drumset. I play the clarinet.. I love gummyworms. Im not an emo. I hate watching baseball. I hate sea food. I love stuffed animals.I love to dance. I love to sing. <br />
    I am an anime dork. I like to draw.
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