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  • Artist Info: Hi I'm holden nice to meet u all!<br />
    I'm 21 right now and I love meeting new people everyday!<br />
    Everyone I kind of meet becomes my friend goes for the same in my everyday life too.<br />
    I also will be there for a friend if they need me.<br />
    I love Sports almost all kinds excluding football and baseball!<br />
    Love fun activities like riding bike , roller skating , ice skating , etc....<br />
    The only thing is i can't skateboard or swim lol<br />
    <br />
    Current Status:Still Single<br />
    2nd Status:Currently still in college.<br />
    3nd Status:Not a Smoker and never will/Not Drinker but lil is fine!<br />
    Current mood for music:like different music and songs during different mood.<br />
    Food:Not very picky so almost any kinds lol<br />
    Current Place:New York <br />
    Main Language:English/Cantonese
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