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  • Artist Info: favorite game(s): the world ends with you, Kingdom hearts series, fable 2, super smash bros series, Jump superstars<br />
    favorite websites: gaia, miniclip, newgrounds, youtube.<br />
    favorite books: Kingdom keepers, the house on mango st, Red ridings' hood, others that I cant name razz .<br />
    movies: yes man, hichikers guide to the galaxy, the dark knight, the Hulk, Iron man, Mallrats, accepted, the comebacks, etc.<br />
    shows: family guy, the office, chowder, futurama, american dad, full metal alchamist, bobobo, invader zim, south park, total drama island, 6 teen, My name is earl, Pushing daisies, and... well, anything on tv worth watching.<br />
    Manga: dr slump, bobobo, full metal alchamist, <br />
    <br />
    Just want to have fun/ chill w/ friends!
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