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  • Artist Info: i'm a spoiled brat. i love my cell phone, ipod, and laptop. i have the best of friends. im really close to my cousin courtney (who got me into doing this thing). i have an extremelly annoying little brother. i love volleyball, its my passion. i have three cats. i also love: make up, doing hair, painting my nails, shopping, going to the movies, staying home and watching movies, going to parties, and being the center of attention. im suprisingly hot according to most guys, but i think im fat & ugly. i own wayy too many stuffed animals, because i'm too good at those things on the boardwalks. i think im allergic to the stuff in the pool, because if it goes up my nose i always sneeze, and when i get out i never feel good. i am allergic to saw dust, which is why i didn't take woodshop. i want a house on the beach, because that would just be so amazing. unless it took all the joy out of going to the beach, because that would suck. my dream is to find a cure for cancer. i've done RFL (a walk) for the past two years, and am going to continue doing it too. i think the worste thing a guy can be, is not original. classical stuff, SUCKS! really, don't give me flowers and chocolate! give me a skirt and a latte or ritas misto, depending on the time of year. don't take me out to dinner, take me to the beach or iceskating. i'd rather watch the sunset on the bay than watch the sunrise on the beach. i don't mind being alone, but i do mind being lied to. i don't give a crap about gay marriages, let them do what they want as long as they're happy. racism is just plain wrong, and cutting is too. some emo is okay, but not depression or attempted suicide. a lot of new songs are about sex, and unless its shaking by sugarcult, i don't wanna hear it. i also don't wanna hear rihana sing about umbrellas. weird al may be a parody master, but "i like small butts" ??? NO! i can see turning something funny, but no one wants to hear about small behinds. i speak my mind, i can be bitchy, and i know i'm not perfect. school is annoying, and homework is stupid. we put in around seven hours of our time in school, around one hour getting ready for it, and nine hours sleeping to get up for it. then we are expected to do hours of homework every night. come on, i have a life too! i make good points, i hurt peoples feelings, i get into arguments, but i stand up for what i think. pink is great, but should not be on the butt of pants. victoria's secret is amazing, but let me pick out my own underware. distant friends or relatives, unless you really know me, get me a gift card to a store, not an article of clothing. chances are, i'm going to return it anyway. sweatshirts and jeans, never sweatpants. i'll cut off the bottom and turn them into capris. etnies, not vans. american eagle, not aero. hollister, not abercrombie. pastel colors, not dark colors. camis, not tees. skirts, not shorts. jeans, not pants. tight, not ass grabbing. baggy is for guys, the only thing that should be lose on a girl is a big sweatshirt. if i'm cold, get me a latte or hold me, i don't want to wear your spider man hat and matching gloves. i expect you to listen to what i'm saying, not stare at my chest. look in my eyes, not my mouth. don't tell me what i want, i know me better than you do. i'm picky, and forgive too easily. i've been through a lot. i'm young, but im not stupid. i'm crazy, but i'm careful. i have fun, but i'm not a party animal. i like guys, but i'm not your hoe. a drink is not a ticket into my pants. i'm usually don't flirt, unless i like you. i will talk to about anyone. i have a short attention spand, so if i'm not interested in something, you'll know. i speak my mind, and tell the truth. oh yeah, and just because i've had relationships, doesn't make me desperate. <br />
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    Item List:<br />
    Angelic Halo<br />
    Elegant Veil<br />
    Crossed Sports Bra<br />
    Cloud<br />
    Angelbow<br />
    Cloud<br />
    Staff of the Angels<br />
    Demonic Pendant<br />
    Drop Earrings<br />
    Elegant Pearl Strand Bracelet<br />
    KiKi Kitty Plushie<br />
    White Medical Gloves<br />
    Gift of the Goddess<br />
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