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  • Artist Info: Ah...so several years have gone by since I first made this page. I've been here and there, watched as this simple site turned into something much bigger and while I still think that the Battle System should include the older items, and am all too suspicious of those aliens, I'll set that aside for later.<br />
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    Honestly if you wish to know me, just drop me a line. I'm usually free to chat for a while wink <br />
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    You Are A Shadow Dragon, You are a nocturn creature, you live underground or in dark places. You are independant and solitary, and very rarely in couple(in other words, your better off alone). You are not a good flyer and you would rather walk. Your sight is clear with the star and altered with normal sun light. The spells you use are always darkness and you can guess light and fire ones are dangerous for you. You can spit a cloud that makes your ennemies blind and tired. Your body and your bat like wings are semi-transparent, and your eyes are opal grey.you control: the shadowsstone: hematitquote:"It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more" from J.K. Rolling <br />
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