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  • Artist Info: HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!! THANKS GAIA! gah so not long ago i was HACKED and i had to make a new account and all. BUT... great news! everything was returned and i got everything back and most importantly my account so UP YOURS! (To the hacker that hacked me in the first place.) ^.^<br />
    Anyways.<br />
    My name's Alex, aka Sasha.<br />
    I'm from LA, CA and couldn't be happier.<br />
    I'm outgoing, out there and random, but most importantly i'm loyal and my friends are my life. I love to have fun and what not but when it comes to work and education i can easily change my mind set and be serious. My life revolves around my friends, music, photography, family,(my god.. family geez-> i have a really tough and troublesome family that is kindof broken apart into pieces so we're not really even a family anymore. which is why when it comes to my future, i want a nice big family more than anything.[that doesnt necessarily mean poppin babies like poptarts outtova toaster] lol), writing and creativity. No creativity= no life (i would wilt like a flower, crumble and turn to dust and nothingness) My favorite music: Rock (of course ^.^) To list a few favorites: nirvana, pantera, guns n' roses, cannibal corpse, kiss, AFI, NSN, BVB..etc biggrin <br />
    um what else? I'm really social.<br />
    (social butterfly right here.. seriously..)<br />
    ! i love jack skellington <3 and film photography (which i do a lot of)<br />
    -->chemicals are not my best friends when it comes to developing film, but dye is <-- <br />
    i love color biggrin and i hate fake people with nasty personalities, bitches, skanks and whores ^.^ <br />
    razz <br />
    lol anyways.<br />
    Leave me a message or a comment <3<br />
    i'll love ya foreverrr ;D<br />
    (((btw i do art! so ask me about it if you're interested))) <3
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