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  • Artist Info: Ok so I dont know why im doing this. nobody ever reads it, and they don't stay on my profile long enough to listen to my song. Truth be told I dont even look at my page that offten.<br />
    Alrighty then..um...what to say...OH!! I'm into a little of everything, I don't like to stay at one thing for to long because it bores me. you wouldn't want to see me when im bored.User Image Um some of my interest are (i should be putting this list in my other thingy)<br />
    Let's start off with school subjects:<br />
    World History is my favorite I just tolorate the rest<br />
    Language Arts isn't so bad, i mean, if they didn't have us going over the same stupid stuff i'd like it better.<br />
    Anatomy:User Image I'm trying to get into that but i don't know anymore.<br />
    Now for stuff i really want to learn, or really like!!!<br />
    Ancient Languages<br />
    Tea: like the stuff you drink<br />
    Dog Breeds<br />
    Mythology: South American, Noris, and Eastern Asia<br />
    Poisins: folwers and medican User Image<br />
    Improve on my archery skills<br />
    Improve my drawings<br />
    Music!!!:Any kind but Rap<br />
    Millitary Tactics<br />
    Reading Everything<br />
    Movie directing<br />
    Novel Writing<br />
    RED HEADED TWINS!!!!!!!!User Image<br />
    Demons, vampires, and werewolves! OH MY! None of this teenager crap like twilight!<br />
    Green eyes<br />
    Black hair<br />
    All black contacts, or red ones<br />
    Hypnosis<br />
    How to read music: i cant play it though<br />
    Culinary Arts<br />
    Stripping!!!<br />
    Really fast cars and loud music<br />
    <br />
    Anyway im done here, you probably didn't read this anyway. User Image<br />
    <br />
    Poetry By: Kiki_RainThe son I wanted is seems to me<br />
    was mad I didn't care for the daughter given to me.<br />
    So wicked I was it's true<br />
    It seems i turn her wicked too.
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