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    Hello and welcome to my profile?<br />
    And Yes, I am older than the majority of Gaians. But not quiet an old fart age yet. There are older Gaians out there. <br />
    I am here for art, food, gaming, and chatting with my siblings.<br />
    There are very few places where you can go and dress as you please daily. I find the huge variety of personal expression through avatars quiet exciting to draw and color. <br />
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    [<br />
    Do not beg me for gold, items, free art, etc.<br />
    Do not try to be my friend just so you can beg for stuff. Leechers will be ignored.<br />
    Please note if you ever get a friend request from me without ever meeting me, before then it is an error from me clicking in odd directions in the rooms and accidentally hitting the plus button. My apologies.
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