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  • Artist Info: yum_puddi <br />
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    I'm back baby! Yeah!<br />
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    After years and years of being away, I'm finally back. It's been so long so I am a bit shy. Please be kind to me, besides that, I love to draw. I make comics, and I like reading. Later on when I get my new tablet I'll start thinking about doing Gaia Avis. yum_donut I also love anime, I don't like main stream anime like Bleach or Naruto. I love playing video games, my all around favorite is Okami and I like playing the Suikoden series, along with Bayonetta. yum_wasabipie I haven't been on Gaia for a long time and I've gotten pretty shy, I hang around in zOMG so that probably where you'll find me. yum_tea I might act cold towards you, this is just a warning. If you want to be friends with me, approach me with caution, and please also be careful of my rudeness, I don't really mean it. It would be nice to have friends to show me around Gaia. Thank you. yum_strawberry
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