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  • Artist Info: I'm Topher I am a gay I am a male and I am a student at Art Institute I'm a Photography major I like many different things Anime,Art, Manga, yaoi and yuri Comics especially D.C If u wanna know more about me just ask. <br />
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    Name:Futeki Ren<br />
    Race:Alien from 55 Cancri a planet in the claw of the constellation Cancer<br />
    Sex:Female<br />
    Alignment:Good<br />
    Age:18<br />
    Birthday July 1st<br />
    Skin:Tan<br />
    Height:5"11<br />
    Hair: Varies she loves wigs and dyes<br />
    Home Planet:55 Cancri a small planet located in the claw of the Constellation of Cancer<br />
    Personality: Quiet,Shy,Emotional,and Vain<br />
    Likes:Make up,Wigs,Photography,Ocean,Swimming,Fashion,Lady Gaga,Wigs<br />
    Dislikes: Water pollution,Haters<br />
    Strong Points:Swimming<br />
    Has Trouble With:Styrofoam,<br />
    <br />
    Abilities:Naturally can breath under water<br />
    Weapon: She uses a a sword given to her by her mother.<br />
    Attack: Tide Maelstrom<br />
    Attack: Claw wave<br />
    Attack: Tsunami Wall defensive <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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