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  • Artist Info: i love manga and anime and flowers and gaia and am a big fan of japan and and many other countries and cultures. my big brother on gaia is emperor toji and he really helped me out when i first got started. i love comedy and... well everything! i cant spell and i also cant wait to make many friends and have tons of fun!! <br />
    right now im trying to improve my skills and i finaly think im at a point were i can be proud of my work. <br />
    u can see some of my old/ new stuff at http://haruko014.deviantart.com/<br />
    for now everything is in scraps.<br />
    by next fall i will be off to art school in kansas city, so i should be getting much better!<br />
    note: will be trying to open up a gaia avatar art store selling avi art for gold. some of these are kind of old... so ya. and a lot are just sketches or not done.<br />
    my page!!<br />
    http://haruko014.deviantart.com/ <br />
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