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    I NEED TO UPDATE THIS mrgreen mrgreen <br />
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    I take life seriously and I like to think about the mysteries of the universe and try to solve them and put the puzzle pieces together! I love science and technology and all forms of creativity or imagination! And I think love is very important in the world! I believe in True-Love! Im very kiddish cuz kids are adorable. I love singing, dancing, and writing! Honesty is my policy! I'm very accepting of all different kinds of people and I try my best not to judge. If people have different beliefs than me, I respect that!! I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt. (As long as you're a good person then that's all that really matters!) I'm kinda quiet and reserved, but once u get to kno me Im really talkative and energetic and silly! I have a great capacity for empathy and understanding. I am very open-minded becuz I have BIG dreams and I believe that literally ANYTHING is possible!!! <3<br />
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    1) "I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimony." <br />
    ---Jane Austen<br />
    2) "Imagination is greater than knowledge, for imagination embraces the world." <br />
    ---Albert Einstein
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    DESCRIPTION:<br />
    1) Idealistic<br />
    2) Highly principled<br />
    3) Creative and visionary<br />
    4) Sensitive and compassionate towards people!!<br />
    5) Value deep, authentic relationships!!<br />
    6) Reserved about expressing their true selves!!<br />
    7) Constantly seeking meaning and purpose in everything!!<br />
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