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  • Artist Info: Yo dogz Im Jessica (jessi for short plz). Currently im livin in a mad house in Sault, Ontario (Canada for meh international friends and loverz). Im a young girl of the age of 17 who's a major Otaku (haha but dont tell anyone kay). <br />
    <br />
    As youve probably guessed by now im a major fan of anime. Anything cute and or sweet and im all over it (ie Akari-chan3 and all her cute little drawings). Even though i have a sweet and cute fetish (majorly...) i have a seriously love of music. I guess because my parents are old and have surrounded me with there music (cant think of bads right now lol), ive become a huge fan of lots of forms of rock, especially older bands and songs, but i do like some modern bands(want to know more just ask and i might tel ya).<br />
    <br />
    Well i could honestly keep talking (typing really) for hours resulting in a very very long message. Which would intern most defiantly piss of whoever decides or attempts to read such message. So im just gonna stop here. If yeah want to know more about me message me and will talk kay!!!!
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