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  • Artist Info: The name's Amalia.<br />
    I love a boy named Charlie.<br />
    I play Magic: The Gathering.<br />
    I have a pug named Lukin.<br />
    I collect action figures and TacoBell hot sauce packets.<br />
    I enjoy gore and horror, and lots of it.<br />
    I have a poor sense of balance.<br />
    I would enjoy being a zombie someday.<br />
    Mortal Kombat and Pokemon excite me in my pants.<br />
    I want to be a special effects make-up artist for movies.<br />
    Rodents = love.<br />
    If I had a penis, his name would be Bobo.<br />
    Movies that tickle my mind are lovely.<br />
    I adore Alice In Wonderland.<br />
    House of the Dead and Area 51 are the best arcade games.<br />
    Purple is my favorite color.<br />
    I tend to have dreams about zombies.<br />
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