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    Hello Sweetie<br />
    Lets see.....I'm 23 but that's bound to change. I'm pretty much a modern hippy hipster according to my friends and I don't really know what that is but I do like the clothing style. I love lottsa nerdy thing like Comics (DC but Marvel movies forever), Doctor Who, Pokemon, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Arcades. And roller coasters. God I love those. I collect "toys." They're everywhere. I'm one of those people that believes in unboxing and you will never convince me not to play with my prizes. Oh and I secretly love anything that has been shrunk down and made fat, ice cream and Loki. Shush, don't tell any one^^ I'm pretty much married and we have a gorgeous little mini tornado demon spawn <br />
    I don't feel like typing anymore so if you want to know me, well talk to me duh..<br />
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