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  • Artist Info: My profile isn't letting me put up a quote emo <br />
    But heres a quote from one of my favorite characters from an anime, Gintma, check it out!<br />
    Quote: "Zura janai, Katsura da!" any episode, or "Zura janai, Pine tree da!" episode 44<br />
    Yaoi is my name and to get into your pants is my game. OxO oops I mean...<br />
    You can call me Yaoi or Koi. Or both, your preference. ^_~<br />
    Anime is awesome, I am Male, annnnnnnnd I heart friends and pms, so what ya waiting for, hm???????<br />
    Age: 20<br />
    Favorite food: Takoyaki<br />
    Looking at: you, through your window biggrin <br />
    <br />
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