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  • Artist Info: Ello there. neutral <br />
    I'm Clowns-smile, it's very nice to meet you. <br />
    I love art and music. I use art to express myself. I use it to express my sadness, hurt, happiness, mainly any of my emotions. <br />
    Music pretty much saved my life....I know people say this a lot but if it weren't for my friends I would probably be dead.<br />
    Well lets get back to the happy side of things smile <br />
    Some of the bands I listen to are bvb, botdf, oceans ate Alaska, get scared, t.A.t.u, and pretty much anything.<br />
    I'm pretty shy sometimes but once you get to know me, I get pretty out going and ill do anything for my friends. So ya please don't be mean to them smile <br />
    During the summer you'll pretty much find me either learning how to play the guitar or piano, or if my computer works you'll see me on here or scene kids.<br />
    I love anime and some of my favorites are blue exorcist, bleach, naruto, and a bunch others. <br />
    I'm in the middle of watching the walking dead and so far I'm in season two an I love it smile <br />
    So ummmmm add me or what ever ill play zomg with ya or something smile
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