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    Haii Haii The name is Deyna im 1_yrs old .... first off all im asian so. (filipino) i love the philliphines i dont speak the language sweatdrop but i understand a lil bit... im not rlly 100% so yeaA:p<br />
    I love drawing,icecream,playing games,playing tennis,the color purple and etc. heart Color:purple blaugh blaugh ,loves pets<br />
    The thing is i dont rlly watch anime shocking huh but i will so.. yea biggrin i dont talk much.. im just quiet sometimes:/ i like too so whatever and sometimes i talk to ppl if they have interesting conv. but i love drawing anime stuff kinda i always think that im not good at it;p so.. i think thats it thnx for visiting<br />
    <br />
    if u need any information tell meh twisted <br />
    Baiii neutral xd 3nodding <br />
    <br />
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