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  • Artist Info: Hello to all who found my profile page! I'm Kaoto_Earth.<br />
    You may have seen me cruising in the marketplace or in the jigsaw rooms but if not, that's okay. <br />
    I don't really have a most favorite or loved hobby, but I tend to enjoy things like:
    <br />
    -Playing Pokemon on my retro Nintendo DS<br />
    -Playing Minecraft on my Xbox 360<br />
    -Doodling Pictures of my own ideas<br />
    -Reading books of fantasy, adventure stuff<br />
    -Watching movies like the Avengers, Disney, and Oblivion<br />
    -Making friendship Bracelets/anklets for the hell of it and because I got a good stash of beads<br />
    -Baking cookies, Muffins, and biscuits<br />
    -Doing Outdoor stuff like bicycling, walking, and fishing<br />
    And<br />
    -Drinking tea
    <br />
    <br />
    Any Questions? Feel free to ask!
    <br />
    <br />
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