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  • Artist Info: im Claudia,but people call me miyuki (from lucky star ^^) in real life cause i get straight A`s <br />
    1.I LOVE LUCKY STAR i am a big fan of konata and kanata(konata`s mom) AND EVERYONE ELSE (i love konata more cause i almost act like her) <br />
    2.i am 15 and i`ve been liking anime since i was 9 yrs old.<br />
    3. hmmmm IDK but i am friends with kiki ( I like glitter) SO ADD HER OR I WILL COME OUT THERE AND KICK YOU IN THE GROIN jkjk (but i might :I)<br />
    4.like i said I <3 LUCKY STAR but please i prefer to be called miyuki :I i`m already used to it. OR I WI KICK YOU IN THE FACE JK<br />
    5.i know a little bit of martial arts :3 but eh~ DON`T GET ME PISSED :C<br />
    6.i love video games (i don`t gossip and all that other stuff i am a tomboy) i love playing gore,zombies,guns games :3 <br />
    6.my secret wifey is J---- i shoudn`t tell XD<br />
    7. I act like i`m twelve (what kiki said) cause i don`t know i am childish <br />
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