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    Integra is not an icy bitch, she's a f-ing Goddess of War.<br />
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    Awesome People<br />
    Aria de Mezzo<br />
    Drake Heros (theme creator)<br />
    Elindarhya (the awesome profile you see, she made)<br />
    Gorenza (welcomed me into The Hellsing Organization guild)<br />
    Invictus_88 (a lovely chap)<br />
    Nikki` (Queen of gold counting)<br />
    prodigychild412 (how do I say my 'my Germans Hellsing fan friend' in German?)<br />
    Suni Moon (one of the most awesome members of any guild, the video on The Hellsing Organization's profile? She made it.)<br />
    Tichondrus (called me a Knight *blush*bow*)<br />
    Grandpa Gomi ~ Generous trader for his Checkmate item
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