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    Kay Marcus this is Lyn. ^-^<br />
    (Obviously, LOL. >.< wink <br />
    I'm not hacking since i'm always on your account. o__o;<br />
    But anyways, I was bored so I decided to just say.<br />
    I LOVE YOU. ^_____^ <br />
    And that you're so freaken adorable when you're sleepy(:<br />
    So if to the people who don't know this guy..<br />
    He's super sweet and that he would be soo nice to you.<br />
    So please don't use him for any reasons what so ever.<br />
    I made this loser join Gaia few months ago. <br />
    (Today is August 1st, 2011)<br />
    And he's already a major Gaia tweaker.<br />
    He's my bby so no touching. n__n<br />
    He's Hawaiian, and he does not live in a hut.<br />
    (Information for those stereotype people)<br />
    He's the only one on Gaia who's allowed to call me Lyn.<br />
    Uhh, I dno what else.<br />
    But yeah anyways.<br />
    I love you Marcus. ^____^
    <br />
    <br />
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