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    im one dude thts all about anime ans manga 3nodding <br />
    <br />
    Cloud- <br />
    Christian Siriano's Trouser's (black) <br />
    Black Leather Belt <br />
    Coal Black Buckel Boots <br />
    Black gloves <br />
    Seraclia Pendant <br />
    Heart String -use arm part of it- <br />
    Onyx Bolster Sword <br />
    Mythrill armor -for the shoulders- <br />
    NeoGaia Hero -for the hair- <br />
    Coocoon -use the moth hair shirt- <br />
    Interstellar Bounty -for the goggles- <br />
    <br />
    Zack- <br />
    Coal Black Buckel Boots <br />
    Mythrill Armor -for the shoulders- <br />
    Coocoon -moth hair shirt- <br />
    Dashing gentalman Onyx Sash <br />
    suspenders <br />
    Black leather belt <br />
    Black Musketeer Pants <br />
    Coal gunner boots with blade's black boots -don't worry they overlap each other- <br />
    Scar of rouge <br />
    Black gloves <br />
    Orinkage Hurrican! -for the hair- <br />
    Onyx Bolster Sword <br />
    <br />
    Sephiroth- <br />
    One winged Hero -for the jacket- <br />
    Fall of the morning Star -for his wing- <br />
    Dark Vinyl Strap Pants <br />
    Black leather Belt <br />
    Lace Back Skirt <br />
    Coal Black buckle Boots <br />
    Black Gloves <br />
    Supirior form -use the pupet form to give him his pale complex- <br />
    Shadowplay -to shadow his face a bit, for the evil look- <br />
    Gogh reed 10th Gen. -use the Zero hair- <br />
    Muramasa -use either sword type that he holds. It works since in Last Order he slaughtered the town- <br />
    Black Cross Belts <br />
    <br />
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