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    Pm me first if you want to add me!
    <br />
    <br />
    Hi! My name's Cierra,but feel free to call me Cece c: <br />
    Everyone calls me Cece :3 <br />
    <br />
    -Love random Pms <br />
    -Love donating <br />
    -15 years old <br />
    -I live in Cali. c; . <br />
    ---- <br />
    Personally, <br />
    I'm a pretty open minded person but I can be really straightfoward, <br />
    and ill be the first to admit that i can be really moody at times....<br />
    but if you are friendly to me i will be friendly to you ♡<br />
    --- <br />
    Things about me: <br />
    -I'm a movieholic, so i enjoy watching all types of movies.<br />
    - I LOVE ♡FASHION<br />
    -I love to swim, draw, paint, and shop. <br />
    -Im a HUGE hipster, i love indie music, & chocolate!! <br />
    -If you see me around I'll probably be lurking in the <br />
    forums somewhere <br />
    (probably the exchange, quest/charity forum, <br />
    or somewhere around the artist's corner)
    <br />
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