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  • Artist Info: Ok, Im not really good at this but here goes... sweatdrop <br />
    Some basic info:<br />
    My name is Asami, I am 13 yrs old, I live in Australia but I practically live in a world of my own inside my head. I try to stay away from reality to forget about how much life sucks sometimes, but it always somehow manages to find me... crying everyone calls me EMO emo <br />
    My sister is Haruka (on my friends list), she is actually awesome as ^^ heart <br />
    I like to draw, watch anime, read, listen to music, and yea.. not much else (my life is pretty sad)... actually i like to play xbox too so thats another thing to add to that list 3nodding <br />
    theres not really much more to say... actually there is, I just cant be bothered... so to take up space, Im gonna put random emotes down the bottom... rofl rofl <br />
    dramallama cool stressed scream gonk 3nodding xd crying redface smile lol rolleyes 4laugh burning_eyes BLAAAAAAAAAAAGGGG<br />
    Awesome Llama arrow dramallama
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