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  • Artist Info: Hello! Alison = my name, and that is what you may call me! Unless you can come with a nickname i consider awesome and thus, you awesome! I am 17 years old! I love anime and Manga, all Final Fantasy, Kindom Hearts & RPGs in general. I'm pretty much addicted to the internet, a problem I have decided to takle by limiting myself! IT IS NOT WORKING! Therfore, I have given up on that for the moment! I f you have any suggestions, however, I would be most pleased to hear them! I love to read, I have several over flowing bookshelves, I now also have drawers and cuboards full of them! xp I like bad weather for some reason most people can't contemplate, which is a pretty good thing since it's winter pretty much all year round here in Ireland!!<br />
    <br />
    Some people would say I'm dull, boring and normal, others would say I'm emo-ish, bitchy and outspoken and some would say I'm insane, cool(hopefully>.< wink and smart!. It really depends on where and when we met!. Either way, it will soon become clear to you that I am a complete nerd! I am pretty quiet and people often mistake me for being cold and unfriendly but I'm just a little bit awkward in social situations... But I try my best!<br />
    <br />
    I have recently become quite obsessive compulsive, especially about cleaning and grammer.... I love running, it really clears your mind, you know? I love music. I pretty much like any kind of music you can think of! My weak point is......... anything sour..... or minty. I just can't get enough of them! So you know something is seriously wrong when I turn them down......<br />
    So, know you know the basics about who I am! Do I sound interesting?? THEN TALK TO ME PEOPLE!! scream <br />
    Add me, or leave random comments/PMs mrgreen <br />
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