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  • Artist Info: the Red killer <br />
    real name: unknown<br />
    Residence: an abandoned slaughter factory<br />
    age: 18<br />
    Height: 1"88<br />
    Appearance: my current dream avi you know the one next to me real avi above my wish list items~ yeah that one~ ^^<br />
    <br />
    Personality: pychotic yet clam and plaing smart but very voilent only real joy he gets is cuting open those who step inside his "home" he wears make up to hide his real emotions such as gult and sandess and fear of what kinda of monster he has beacome the real him is or ws happy and sweet and brining joy who ever is close to him but is slowly changeing to the monster who just whants everyone to die especially those who have wrong'd him.<br />
    <br />
    None rp wise: my real name is erik i like anime and video games and horror movies am a big fan of higurashi and mirai nikki my favoret color is black am about 18 years old~ am taken so no dateing for me i have gf name'd gabby who i love very muchly~ i can be a very good nice person but am i littal shy talking so yeah~ ^^" i also liek rp's as you can tell~ and if you have tubles you can always talk to me about them~
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