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  • Artist Info: I am a mother of 4 Adults above 20 years of age. I have an Education as an LPN, Office Specialist, Child Care. My interest are wide. I like to make mask with sculpy clay, take pictures, scrapbook, read, take walks, listen to music, I watch manga with my children at home. We like to get on Gaia and play games. <br />
    I have been through a couple of car accidents. I believe I am met to be here at this point in time. <br />
    I like Harry Potter for the art work in the movie. I liket the effects. I like how it is written. I always look for art work in clothes, make up, and the way things are worded. <br />
    Harry Potter was very well written and it is nice to get away from life and use your imagination. <br />
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