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  • Artist Info: Hello~~<br />
    im fishe, i love to draw and take photos.<br />
    Musc is my LIFE, there is rarely a time (not counting school) when i dont have a headphone in my ear.<br />
    i listen to everything, so if there's a band you like, hit me up on it!<br />
    i've never roleplayed, but would like to try...<br />
    and...<br />
    i love to draw, but i do not have the means to put stuff up right now, but when i do, ill open a pricing forum, then hopefully a shop!!<br />
    love ti meet new people, im not judgemental, but WILL NOT tolerate rudeness. some vulgarity is okay, but nothing more.<br />
    Alrighty!!<br />
    I choose you, save all changes button!!
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