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    About Me:
    <br />
    'Yo. My username here is BSPBleach. Duh. Anyways, my name is bsp, you'll find it in all but one of my online accounts. It's also my signature. Because well, it's my name xd So, I'm agnostic. Lol pretty mcuh the only solid label I have. Sorry, you'll have to learn for yaself by talknig to me razz <br />
    I live outside of Baltimore, Maryland, have for around 8 years. Before that, I lived in England, and Kentucky. Moved around a bit more than that, but those didn't last for even a year so I never list them. I live with both parents, my twin brother, my younger sister and brother, and my baby girl (she's a 6 pound havanese ^w^). I'm attending Anne Arundel Community College for an Accosiates in Graphic Design, and looking for a business school to transfer to later even though I'm 16. Can't drive to my own classes v.v<br />
    <br />
    Moping aside, yeah not much to really go into. Well there's a lot, lol I am 16, but nothing interesting or significant. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, and the attention span of a rubber band. That made more sense in my head ninja I am open minded, accepting, blah blah blah. Either I like you, or I don't. I don't give a crap what you are, just who. Important part that. Pretty much it, my DA is bspceriad.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    wahmbulance Warnings: wahmbulance
    <br />
    1: I do not tolerate flamming, spamming, or other forms of rude misconduct. Abide by the ToS.<br />
    2: I can be very bi-polar/scichiphrenic-ish. This results in random behaviour and mood swings. You have been warned.<br />
    3: Sometimes I have increased apathy, so I may offend you or seem terse without intending too. I apologize. If you have a problem or argument against me, please talk to me about it. I don't like phaving people pissed. Especially at me.<br />
    4: I get sidetracked very easily. So if you need something from me, even if I say I'm doing it, you may have to remind me. A lot. I try, I do, but I can't help it x.x<br />
    5: I again, do not tolerate rude misconduct and will report you for it if it violates Gaia's ToS. If it isn't a violation of ToS, but is still rude......well then I'll still find a reason to report you. This is a site for adults and adults to be. Everyone should be civilized, and there is no reason not to be and act childish.<br />
    6: I can, and probably will, turn anything you say into a pervy joke or an argument against you. More fun that way biggrin <br />
    7: I will always defend my friends no matter what. Or why. That's just who I am, and my defiinition of friend and basic comrade behaviour.<br />
    8: I'm not that great at human interaction, so I may misunderstand you or miss you're meaning or intention entirely. I again apologize, you just have to explain simply, slowly, and blunlty. Very bluntly. No dropping hints. Even if I pick up on them, they'll be ignored as paranoid misconception.<br />
    9:As much of a liar as I am in real life, it's for my own preservation and I don't lie otherwise. So do not ever call me a liar. I do attempt to hold onto whatever shreds of honour I still have.<br />
    10: I know at least parts of 16 languages, so I may use unfamiliar words, especially if you RP with me, or read my status updates. Just ask about them, I will normally be willing to translate them. there's a few i won't, but you'll probably never see those.
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