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  • Artist Info: Hello im krista :3<br />
    im a rather odd person but some say im somewhat fun to be with ^.^;<br />
    im Pedophobic (thats means im afraid of dolls...)<br />
    im a food addict though it doesnt show cause im really skinny but im getting better :3<br />
    im always on to make sure that all my dears arint in anykind of trouple and make sure they're happy :3<br />
    i despise people who think they're everything, and i despise people who think they must always be with a person or else they wont be able to live a happy life.<br />
    i despise my body, i have a weak heart and i got asma and a mild amonia and im sick pratically all the time.<br />
    i despise machines but i have to thank the computer cause if there wasnt computer i wouldnt be with the people who are dear to me now~<3<br />
    i love any music sept for songs of the person haveing intercourse with another and talking how great it felt... i like music that isnt a waste of my time..<br />
    i can be cruel if i choose to, but im mostly mature even though people think im a hyper freak but truely im not... im serious most of time i practically act the way i do to make people laugh and have fun i dont necassory let my real self show.<br />
    im not a real happy person though i wish i was.<br />
    people dont really like me cause i do speak my mind sometimes and mostly i kind of say things that are mean... i do apologise for that quilaty of me ._.
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