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    HEEEEEEEEY HOTTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Flannery! I'm special and no one can deny it! haha A little bit about yours truly. I'm a full time gymnast. Along with that, chalk tastes good biggrin I've been injured for most of my life, but I am currently recovering!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Red and black are my favorite colors. I like egg shapes! Drama makes me want to go lock myself in a mental facility so I don't go insane. I am insane! I'm a chameleon! Squirrels make me happy. I'm deffinately a total nerd at school. Math is the best! I'm kinda a spazz. Most consider me and optimist. I believe that anything is better if you smile while doing it. Pegacorns rule the world!!!!!! My response to most anything is "pony" I like Mondays. I cherish my friends and family more than anything in the whole wide world!!! I love them and they know it!!! In my spare time I like to draw and read. I like Warriors series and rp in the Warriors guild. I'm christian and Jesus is always with me. Music makes my world keep spinning! Just kidding XP I love electronics although I tend to break them.... I really wanna be at practice right now. <br />
    <br />
    That's deffinately me!!!!<br />
    I Heart You All!!!!
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