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    My name is Rachel and I am tons of fun so get to know me 3nodding <br />
    Look me up on other fine sights but don't expect me to be one all too much.<br />
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    I love My Chemical Romance more than I love any one person<3 They are my life. But just because I hold so much love for them doesn't mean I don't have more to give. I have never ending pools of love and I am happy to share some with you biggrin <br />
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    So, anything you wanna know I will happily tell you 3nodding <br />
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    Oh and parting thought, you should look up my bestest bud, Lauren<br />
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    I adopted a panda!<br />
    Name: Karou<3<br />
    Likes: Snuggling, cuddling, loving, listening to music.<br />
    Dislikes: Being alone, being sat on, feet.<br />
    Owners: KittyKat and Pandabear.<br />
    Adopt Now!
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